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    Whole Body Vibration

    Whole Body Vibration is a type of exercise everyone can stick with!

    Whether you want to build muscle, improve flexibility or loose weight and fight cellulite, the vibration plate will help you to reach your goals. Vibration training is low impact and gentle, enabling anyone regardless of their age or fitness levels, to gain the benefits of exercise without straining the body. A workout on a vibration platform burns energy and improves strength while only producing minimal stress on the joints and ligaments.

    WBV is particularly useful in combatting cellulite. According to an article by Dr. Mercola, (“The most effective strategies for eliminating cellulite, April 2013”) whole body vibrations cause thousands of muscle contractions that pump your lymphatic fluid out of problem areas, reducing fluid congestion in your tissues. This helps to flush out toxins and ease the load on your immune system. This mechanism has been scientifically shown to actually help rid your body of excess pounds and unsightly cellulite.

    Vibrations between 20 and 50 Hz stimulate a reflex contraction within the muscle, which leads to a high level of muscle activation and exertion. This superior muscle-activation surpasses conventional training and therefore less time is required to work muscle groups completely.

    WBV has been used extensively in sports medicine, rehabilitation, general wellness and health as well as sports specific athletic training. It is also excellent for pre / post exercise warm-up or cool down.

    How does it work?

    With a simple touch of a button, a vibrating platform produces a vertical vibration. The platform transfers vibrations into the muscles causing them to contract in a reflex action.

    This process exploits the body's innate reflexive response to disruptions in stability, which stimulates enhanced muscle strength and performance. Different parts of the body are put in contact with the platform in various exercise positions ranging from squats, lunges and push-ups to abdominal crunches, tricep dips or bicep curls. Each posture is held for just 30 seconds to 1 minute at a time activating multiple muscle groups simultaneously to stretch, tone and strengthen. The equivalent of 60 minutes of conventional strenuous exercise can be achieved in just 10 minutes. It is so effective; three 5 to 10 minute sessions a week are enough to make a difference!

    Medical Benefits:
    Increase circulation and lymphatic flow
    Decrease pain, improve joint function and stability
    Reverse Osteoporosis without drugs
    Reduce stress and improve hormonal profile
    Reduce urinary incontinence by increasing muscular control

    Health, Wellness and Anti-Aging Benefits:
    Build muscle tone, strength and flexibility
    Gain muscle power and improve reaction time
Increase flexibility and range of motion
    Accelerate fat loss: look leaner, firmer
    Increase production of Human Growth Hormone
    Reduce cellulite: reduce volume and appearance

    Sports Performance Benefits:
    Avoid injury and improve recovery
    Increase explosive strength, power and coordination
    Improve core conditioning, stability, proprioception, reflexes
    Speed anabolic recovery and reduce stress hormone
    Encourage human growth hormone naturally


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